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Welcome to the RoomforVoice


You are in the right place here, because you feel that your voice has room to grow. 


We create a relaxed, personal and friendly atmosphere in our lessons.

We teach holistically in order to let you draw from your full potential.

We demonstrate vocally challenging parts by singing them to you.

We have established relationships, for example, to conductors, agencies, pianists, recording studios, etc. which can help you go further on your journey.

We love what we do and are eager to help you.

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RoomforVoice. What to expect from us



We have been performing on international stages for more than 20 years. We would like to make the powerful essence of our experiences available to you.




We passionately work on creating full and well-sounding voices and have been doing this for over 15 years.




It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional. We take all of your concerns seriously. You can work with us weekly or monthly for example. It is up to you.

Well Being


Our efforts to attain growth and beauty in your voice are never the purpose in and of itself, but put you as an individual at the center of our work. Every lesson is specifically matched to your needs.




We teach according to holistic principles which connect your intellect, emotions, body and inspiration in harmony.




Our bright rooms have high ceilings and wooden floors, where you will sing in an acoustically outstanding environment accompanied by a sonorous grand piano.

Your voice is you. We center you in yourself.


Classical Singing / Singing for Musicals /  Jazz Singing / Pop Singing


  • Initial Vocal Lesson                                                       
  • 60 minutes for 60€ (50€ reduced for students)                                                                                    

You will receive a  professional voice analysis, based on which we will discuss possible development paths to improve your abilities, in the best way possible. 


  • Single Singing Lesson                                                                            
  • 60 minutes for 60€ (50€ reduced for students)

After your initial vocal lesson, we will decide how we can further develop your abilities together. You will pay each lesson individually and can schedule them flexibly, for example monthly or weekly.


  • Intensive Coaching for Stage Performance or Audition          
  • 5 x 60 minutes for 395€ (350€ reduced for students)

During the intensive coaching sessions you will be working with Yanar Aporta (responsive for expressional- and emotional coaching) and Marc Horus (responsible for technique coaching and accompaniment on the grand piano) simultaneously. Above all, you will be working on expression and emotional presence while performing selected pieces. You will also receive professional feedback on your gesture and facial expression. In addition, you will get valuable advice on how better master difficult parts. We will also focusing on the comprehensibility of the lyrics, as well as dealing with fear and stress. On request, we can record part of your session with a professional video camera. This offer is exclusively directed at advanced singers or professionals who want to handle performance situations with pleasure and ease in the future.




Raum für Stimme

Rosental 55

53111 Bonn


Telefon: 0228 - 360 373 42 

Mobil: 0163 - 666 3 999






Am 22.11.2019 findet unser nächstes öffentliches Schülerkonzert statt. Diesmal sind wir im Kapitelsaal der Remigiuskirche in der Fussgängerzone in Bonn zu Gast. Karten können vorab bei uns reserviert werden.


Am 21.6.2019 fand unser öffentliches Schülerkonzert statt. Diesmal waren wir mit 13 unserer Sängerinnen und Sänger bei CHEFKOCH BONN zu Gast. Das Konzert war ausverkauft. Herzlichen Dank dem Team von Chefkoch für das großartige Catering und ein Riesen-Kompliment an alle beteiligten Künstler! Ihr habt uns einen wundervollen Abend beschert.


Unsere Schülerin Antonia Nürnberger singt die weibliche Hauptrolle in Disneys Musical "Die Schöne und das Biest". U.a. zu sehen im Pantheon Bonn am 20.06.2019


Zwei Teilnehmerinnen, zwei Finalistinnen! Valerie Ironside und Antonia Nürnberger standen am 16.6.2019 beide im Finale des diesjährigen Robert-Schumann-Gesangswettbewerbs Bonn. Valerie belegte einen hervorragenden zweiten Platz. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!


Yanar Aporta & Marc Horus waren am 06.04.2019 mit ihrem Bühnenprogramm "Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein?" an der Volksbühne Köln (ehemals Millowitsch-Theater) zu erleben. Das Online-Portal "Rheinerlei" schreibt "kräftiger, voluminöser Gesang, der bis ins Mark drang und Gänsehaut hinterließ."


Am 08.11.2018 fand unser öffentliches Schülerkonzert im Konzertsaal des Klavierhauses Klavins statt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle Teilnehmer! Es war ein großartiger Abend!!! 


Die bei NAXOS produzierte DVD "Ulenspiegel" mit Marc Horus in der Titelpartie wurde am 14.10.2018 bei der Preisverleihung im Konzerthaus Berlin mit dem OPUS KLASSIK (ehemals KLASSIK ECHO) gekrönt...


Die beiden Coaches Yanar Aporta und Marc Horus hatten am 06.10. 2018 ihre Premiere von "Everybody Loves Somebody" Lutz Sommerheide von AUF DER BÜHNE schreibt: "Ein stimmlicher Triumph." Hier ganzen Artikel lesen...


Unsere Schülerin Stella Suhren hat den diesjährigen Robert-Schumann-Gesangswettbewerb 2018 gewonnen. Beim Finale im Bonner Theater der Springmaus brillierte sie mit zwei wunderschön interpretierten Disney-Songs. Auch unser zweiter Teilnehmer Jonathan Hausmann schaffte es bis ins Finale der letzten  zwölf. Gratulation!!!


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